th_mapThailand, or the “Land of Smiles,”  is located in southeast Asia and shares land borders with four other countries: Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. Over 66 million people live in Thailand, and of that population almost 95% would claim to be Buddhist while less than 1% are identified as Christian.

Our famibuddha waily lives and spends most of our time serving in Chiang Mai province, which is in the north-west region of Thailand. Chiang Mai has a wide demographic ranging from rural farmers among the many hill tribe groups to modern urbanites in the city center. The level of devotion to Buddhism varies with each person, but traditional Eastern values of family, respect, and honor are almost universally upheld.

IMG_0258The climate in northern Thailand can be described in two words: hot and humid! The average temperature is approximately 80~95 F throughout the year, and the monsoon season brings heavy showers that help cools things down as well as lower air pollution levels that are elevated during the “burning season,” when agricultural waste and forests are often set ablaze.

The video below captures some of the beauty and diversity in Chiang Mai:

If you’re interested in learning more about Thailand, here’s a few websites with more information:

1. Operation World

2. CIA – The World Factbook

3. Travel Information from the U.S. State Department

4. Wikipedia page on Thailand


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